Practice Areas

  Local Government Consulting - Cities, Villages, Counties, Townships, and School Districts, along with a myriad of other public agencies like Solid Waste Districts, and Educational Service Centers, constitute Local Government which serves the needs of its citizens, and create the quality of life which defines an area where people live. These units of government have specialized legal needs.  As an attorney with over thirty-five years experience representing local governments, I am uniquely qualified to assist local government units in the efficient, practical, and cost effective delivery of services.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  International Consulting - As an attorney doing international consulting, I specialize in assisting countries with developing democracies with local government issues.  It is my belief that developing democracies find it hard to transition from the concept of a centralized government delivery of services model to a local government delivery of services model.  As an attorney with over fifteen years experience in assisting countries with developing democracies with the establishment of functioning local government units, I know, and understand, the issues that form barriers to the creation of effective and responsive local government units.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  Education Law - The Ohio elementary and secondary educational system has under gone tremendous changes in the last forty years due to consolidations, changes in state and federal laws, and collective bargaining rights for both certificated and non-certificated staff.  For over thirty-five years, I have worked with school districts and an educational service center to address these issues from a legal perspective.  School districts need knowledgeable legal counsel available around the clock to give advice on how to handle developing situations before they turn into legal issues.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  Real Property - My practice of law began with real property.  I have worked for one of the premier real property experts in the State of Ohio.  Real Property encompasses everything from deeds, mortgages, land contracts, title searches, and oil and gas matters, to landlord tenant issues, boundary line disputes, and utility questions.  Having a Title Insurance license and being a Title Insurance Agent for over thirty-seven years, allows me to be a full service real property attorney.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  Trials & Appeals - Many attorneys do not do trials and appeals.  During my long career, I have made an effort to get admitted to every courts system, both state and federal, located in Ohio and Washington, D.C.  I also frequently represent clients at the trial and appeal levels.  My selection of clients and issues is limited to cases of interest and within my areas of specialty.  Contact my office to see if your case is one in which I would be interested in providing you representation.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  Labor Negotiations - Ohio authorized public sector collective bargaining in 1984.  However, Ohio has had defacto public sector collective bargaining since the early 1970s.  As a former thirty year elected Law Director, I have been involved as a chief labor negotiator for cities since 1977.  My public sector collective bargaining representation expanded to school districts in 1980, and regional jails, and solid waste districts in 1996.  I have written extensively on this subject and continue to represent many local government entities in not only labor negotiations, but also contract administration.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.
  Estate Planning - Estate Planning is the transfer of a person’s wealth at death without burdensome taxes and to those individuals and/or entities the deceased wishes to have their assets.  This area of the law requires knowledge of not only probate and estate taxation law, but also real property and financial institution law for the attorney to be an effective legal counselor.  I have developed a strong background in both real property and financial institution law.  In addition, I have been doing probate work since 1976.  This wealth of experience and knowledge allows me to be an effective counselor in estate planning matters.  I have also conducted yearly estate planning seminar for the Ohio University Credit Union.  See these seminars under Educational Learning Center on the Home page.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.

Financial Institution Law - In 1976, I became the legal counsel for the Ohio University Credit Union.  The Ohio University Credit Union has grown from less than a million dollars in assets in 1976 to over two hundred and thirty million in assets today.  As a result, I am most familiar with the ever changing services and financial institution laws that regulate this type of business.  In addition, I work with other financial institutions on specific legal matters on an ad hoc basis.  View my qualifications by clicking the link.