Local Government Consulting


> Served 30 years as Athens City Law Director an elected position in
partisan elections.

> Legal Representative for school districts since 1977,

> Nelsonville City Attorney since 1996.

> Legal Representative for Athens/Meigs Educational Service Center legal
counsel since 1984.

> Legal Representative for Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail since 1996.

> Twice President of Ohio Municipal Attorneys Association, and former
board member.

> Former President and current board member of Ohio Municipal

> Former Board Member of Ohio Municipal League Joint Self-Insurance

> Former Employer Co-Chair of Public Employees Risk Reduction

> Former President and Board Member of International Municipal
Attorneys Association.

> Author of numerous articles on Public Sector issues.

> Frequent speaker at local, state, national and international level on
public sector issues.

> Represented cities both before legislators, and in court.

> One of less than 100 Local Government Fellows in the United States and