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Legal Videos - These videos are a great source of information that provides all the details of planning your estate. In each video, Garry goes in depth on what you should prepare for when making a will along with instructions on how to avoid losing your assets. These estate planning videos were recorded at the Ohio University Credit Union Seminar. Also, watch as WOUB interviews Garry on the World Jurist Association.  He discusses his experience in his practice and the opportunities that has risen from being in this organization.


Publications - Mr. Hunter has written over 80 articles on legal matters pertaining to local government, rule of law, estate planning, privacy, and the internet. The articles are published on this website with an index to allow ease in finding articles which may be of interest to the readers.  In addition, in 2005, Mr. Hunter published the 309 page “coffee table” style book titled, Athens County: The Second Century, 1905-2005. This historical book was selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress collection under Control Number:2005903455, and can also be found at the Ohio State Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio, The Ohio University Library, Athens, Ohio, and the Athens County Historical Society, Athens, Ohio. The book is in 1st Printing—800 Limited Edition Copies, with very few copies still available at Mr. Hunter’s office, 26 S. Congress Street, Athens, Ohio 45701-2508. The book consists of sixteen chapters chronicling the history of Athens County between 1905 and 2005.


Straight Forward Conversation - is a public service, locally produced television talk show created by Mr. Hunter in conjunction with the Athens City Government Channel.  Each thirty minute original show featured a local, regional, or state guest talking about topics of interest to the residents of Southeastern Ohio.  The topics consist of discussions by public service agencies, to sports, to religion, to education, to legal matters, and much more.  Mr. Hunter engaged each guest in a conversational style. As a result, the shows are entertaining and informative; a blend of traditional talk shows and the history channel is the way Mr. Hunter describes the show’s format. Two seasons are now posted in a twenty minute format deleting the commercial public service announcements contained in the originally aired version.